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Welcome to the ES&D Group Website

ES&D Group (Engineering, Service and Design) was created in 2002 to provide testing and performance verification for our sales operation NSOEM, Inc. Within the industry, there are a lot of vendors and sales representatives who are more than willing to sell you a product, with no techical assistance to support the sale. This lack of service places the specificational engineer, service manager, and installation entity at a disadvantage in understanding and being able to impliment a credible installation capable of meeting the system and customers needs. The proper goal of any sales organization or manufacturer should not be the generation of revenue, but instead providing a real and workable solution to the installation and applicational challenge. To this end, ES&D Group was created and has grown to meet market demand.

Upon it's launch, we started receiving calls from end users and specification engineers to assist them with proper product selection, verification of installation performance, and specification services. Our primary market revolves around the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, and Drilling Markets for both the Land-based and Offshore Environments. Whether it is testing for existing line and load circuit condition, testing for existing harmonic condition, modeling for projected harmonic performance, or resolving existing circuit condition issues... our goal is to provide a real understanding of true condition and develop options and alternatives to circuit design, harmonic mitigation schemes, and remediation programs for our clients and customers.

Our charge is to be objective, without regard to manufacturer or technology. Within the Harmonic Modeling and Testing Programs, we are retained by end users and engineering firms to verify harmonic performance claims and applicational performance by drive manufacturers relative to IEEE 519, ABS, DNV and other 3rd Party Standard requirements. Multi-pulse magnetic, passive filter, active filter, active front end drives, and load profile analysis relative to harmonic modeling are all available within our Harmonic Modeling packages.

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would welcome discussing your application and assist with with your testing needs.